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Judith's paintings are pastel, watercolor, mixed media, or acrylic. All of Judith's paintings are available in our blank 1/4 note card format. A limited number of her original pastel and watercolor paintings which vary in size are available for purchase. Check with us about availability, size, cost, frame, etc.

Memories of Kansas, Pastel by Judith Roark

Nova Scotia Cove, Pastel by Judith Roark

Stone Garden Shed, Wales, Pastel by Judith Roark

Sunflowers in Blue Vase, Pastel by Judith Roark

Flint Hills in Autumn, Pastel

Farewell, Pastel

Fox, Pastel

Redbud, Watercolor

Taughannock Falls, Taughannock Falls State Park, New York, Pastel

Little Red Truck, Watercolor

South Branch Patapsco River, Sykesville, Maryland, Pastel

Sunflowers in Pitcher, Watercolor

Full Moon, Watercolor

Baby Panda, Soft Pastel

Eva, Pastel

Night Woods, Pastel

Winter Dawn, Watercolor

Painted Pony, Watercolor

Autumn Mountains, Watercolor

Snow on Evergreens, Watercolor

Beech Tree, Watercolor

Rachel's Hydrangea, Bryn Gwadd, Watercolor

Log Cabin in Winter, Watercolor

Let It Snow, Watercolor

 Rylee's Chickens, Watercolor

Ancient Oak Grove, Watercolor & Rice Paper

Foxtails, Watercolor

Sparkling Spiral, Watercolor & Rice Paper

Autumn Woods, Watercolor

Kobulubulu Chicken, Watercolor

Kobulubulu Goat, Watercolor

Nova Scotia Chickens, Watercolor

Poppies, Watercolor and Rice Paper

Ancient Oak, Watercolor

Deconstructed Abstract, Watercolor

Bread and Hyacinths, Watercolor

Night Sky, Watercolor

Winter Landscape, Watercolor

Barn Owl, Watercolor

Cello Chicken, Watercolor and Paper

Struttin their Stuff, Watercolor

Pub Chicken, Watercolor

Owl and Bittersweet, Watercolor

Foxes at Play, Watercolor

Chipmunk, Watercolor

Blue Moon, Watercolor

Inis Mor Pony Cart, Ireland, Watercolor

Ruby Red Slippers, Watercolor

Joy, Watercolor

Purple and Saffron, Watercolor

Saffron and Purple, Watercolor

Harbor Village, Watercolor

Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan, Watercolor

Sunrise Key Largo, Watercolor

Key Largo Sunrise, Watercolor

River Boyne, County Meath, Ireland, Watercolor

Afon Nevern, Wales, Watercolor

Squirrel Proof Birdfeeder, Watercolor

Potting Shed, Bryn Gwadd, Watercolor

Pomegranates, Watercolor

Daffodils at Bryn Gwadd, Watercolor

Datura, Watercolor

Nobska Lighthouse, Cape Cod, Watercolor

Goddess Tree, Watervale, Michigan, Watercolor

Michigan Maple, Watercolor

Michigan Barn, Watercolor

Big Island, Hawai'i, Watercolor

Storm Clouds over Aspens, Watercolor

Misty Island, Watercolor

Bird Condos, Watercolor

Welsh Ponies at Sunset, Acrylic

Live Oak, New Orleans, Watercolor

Wild Turkey Trot, Watercolor

Autunmn Color, Watercolor

Winter Sunset, Watercolor

Winter Tree

Snowy River, Middle Patuxent River, Bryn Gwadd, Watercolor

Bryn Gwadd, Watercolor

Kansas Wheat Field, Watercolor

Widemouth Frog, Watercolor

Cottonwood--Castle Valley, Utah, Watercolor

Glastonbury Boots, Watercolor

Datura & Sagebrush, Watercolor

Southwest Retreat, Watercolor

Sunflowers, Acrylic

Still Life, Watercolor